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Gloucester & Marblehead Life Counseling

Robert Merrigan
Robert Merrigan

Individual, Couples, and Group Therapy

"I invite you to to an initial interview without charge"

I have been a Counselor - Psychotherapist in private practice with my wife
for over 30 years on the North Shore of Massachusetts."

You will find a safe, non-clinical environment to address your problems.
  • My approach is collaborative and compassionate.
  • I combine my training and competence with your strengths in order to help you feel and function better.
  • I believe that good psychotherapy is good research into the realities of life and must be done in the context of an important relationship.
  • I see myself as a teacher and a researcher who will treat you with respect.
My patients-students have reported the following beneficial results:
  • Better quality marriages with more compassion, clearer communication, and better cooperation.
  • Better quality relations in general; for example at work, with friends, with parents.
  • Heightened awareness of life in general, as well as greater self understanding and self-esteem.
  • A sense of being more justified about feelings including anger, hurt and anxiety.
  • Growing to have a compassionate and more realistic view of mankind.
  • Being better able to take care of one's own needs.
I specialize in...
Marriage and Couples Counseling | Anxiety
Executive and Professional Employer-Employee Issues and Conflicts
Fear Of Intimacy | Mediation - Conflict Resolution | Separation - Divorce
Weight and Eating Disorders | Relationship Improvement | Conflict Resolution
Loss - Grief | Stress | Self Esteem Issues | Depression | Substance Abuse

Offering Counseling - Psychotherapy - North Shore communities
Gloucester, Marblehead, Salem, Lynn, Lynnfield, Beverly, Danvers,
Swampscott, Peabody, Manchester, Magnolia

Gloucester & Marblehead Life Counseling
Gloucester & Marblehead Counselor

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August 10, 2020
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